gastromotiva in the house … 28,29,30,31,32

Posted on March 22, 2014


gmAs you know, I like to keep up with the folks that stay at my place on Gates & Throop in Brooklyn.  These weeks, I’m in Sao Paulo working on while the GastroMotiva crew is using my apartment in Brooklyn.  They are in NYC for a benefit event at Eleven Madison Park.  I really respect the work of GastroMotiva, which goes like this:

GastroMotiva creates and provides qualification courses for young people in situations of social vulnerability and/or from low-income families. We believe this way it’s possible to bring opportunities to young talented people who love food and kitchen, and find in Gastronomy a way to improve their lives. We want to prepare citizens for the labor market, helping on their personal and professional growth as much as their communities.  Gastromotiva operates in Sao Paulo since 2006 and reached Rio de Janeiro in 2013.

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