officer arrest me .. i’ve been bad (plus #11,12,13)

Posted on September 5, 2013


elephantSo, I was at the Caribbean Day Parade on Monday and after I’d loaded up on jerk chicken, beignets, and two stout piña coladas, I saw a very funny vignette play out in front of me.  I woman (who may have also had some stout piña coladas .. or nut crackers) said in a slurred voice to a rather studly policy officer “arrest me officer .. I’ve been bad” with her hands outstretched, ready for the handcuffs.  He, in turn, cracked a sexy smile…

elephant2Oh yeah, just got back from a month away and had an awesome family stay in my place while I was gone.  In my mind, I had a strict ‘no babies’ policy .. that was before I met cute little Amari.  When I got back, I could tell that he’d grown a lot over the month, and his mom said he was moving from crawling to walking.  Hey, that happened at my place … I want some ‘uncle’ privileges!!

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