will need a jogging course (mexico df)

Posted on August 11, 2012


This morning was my first morning in Mexico City.  I needed some toiletries, caffeine and some grub.  First stop: COFFEE!  Then found a fruit stand.  I always considered my parents sorta silly for putting salt on their watermelon (common down south), but when I was offered chili, limon, and salt on my papaya, melon, and mango, I accepted.  Wow!  Taste sensation!!  I only made it a few more steps where a vat of sizzling oil was producing the cutest little baby quesedillas.  Chicharron with guacamole and fresh cheese on top.  Damn!  I sat in front of the quesedilla shop to devour my bounty and watched as the trash man came by; emptied the little garbage bucket; chatted; and began to walk away when the lady called him back to get his reward, a quesadilla on the house.  This reminded me of a friend from Argentina who recently told the most positive iteration of that country’s crisis story I’d ever heard.  He told how his mother, a doctor, needed some masonry work.  Somehow a mason saw the hole in passing.  He offered to fix it if she would see his daughter for a check-up.  During the course of the repair job, he shared that he had made a similar bargain with his daughter’s piano teacher…

All that eating reminds me that I need to find a jogging course soon… something equivalent to the distance from corner of Gates and Throop to Ft Greene Park and back.  Or maybe I walk back over to the used book shop across from the Casa and get that book I spied, El Mejor Karate and do a little in-house workout.  Oh yeah, I’m staying at Casa Hankili Africa in Centro Historico, the project of a friend of mine, Khoulsy Lamko.  What a wonderful welcome to Mexico DF he and Palmeira gave me.  Thank you, Thank you!!

[Right when I got back to NYC, I completed a support document for Casa Hankili.]