johnny pump

Posted on July 8, 2012


I love this phrase I just found on google: “In case you don’t speak Noo Yawk, a ‘Johnny Pump‘ is a fire hydrant!”  Yesterday I was on the B52 bus near my apartment in Brooklyn and all the folks on the right side of the bus didn’t see it coming… When we passed the fire hydrant, some got a little wet (ventilation holes?) and small kids were scared by the abrupt noise.  An old lady on the right side of bus near the front said ‘hey bus driver, you gotta tell us the next time your passing a johnny pump.  That’s the first time I’d ever heard the phrase.

Oh yeah, a little later in the day, a group of us were in DUMBO after kayaking for Greg’s 30th birthday-long-celebration, and I spied this street scene/ bike statement / billboard.  What a hot Saturday in Brooklyn?!?