theatre confluence in my hood

Posted on March 16, 2012


If you are bedridden, very bored, or a sophisticated voyeur, you may be following the sub-thread in this blog that details my spare room as ‘anti-residency’.  What does ‘anti-residency’ mean … nothing, really.  It just means that working in the artist residency field, I’ll be damned if I’m gonna call my guest room an artist residency.  So, I obviously have hang-ups in the nomenclature (assigning linguistic value … um, vernacular) department; however, I do treat that spare room something like my Own Private Yaddo (if that is not a funny crack, I’ve never made one!!! — Gus van Sant, I heart you).  This week, I had the great – yet brief – honor to host Ugandan playwright, Charles Mulekwa in zee map room.  Charles came down from Providence to speak on a panel for the Acting Together project.

In other news, I gave a talkback to the play, Another Life last night at Irondale Theater.  What a cool venue in Fort Greene!