post script, new year’s day … it’s 2012, she said

Posted on January 1, 2012


Yesterday, I had a great new year’s eve spent with Greg, my boyfriend, and other new and old friends.  Early in the day, Jen (whose house I lived in at the corner of Herkimer and Nostrand) sent me a picture of a guy who is always on the corner selling odds-n-ends.  For the two years I lived there, I must have seen this guy five out of every seven days.  Last nite, Greg and I went to Jen’s for a new year’s eve party.  It was great fun!  Greg and I were walking home around 2:30 this morning and we passed two women and a man dancing, yelling and generally cutting-up  on Gates Avenue not far from my apartment.  The women engaged us with a little grinding and catcalls … we get a few yards down the street from them and one (or both) of them said something really great … it was still sort of a catcall and here’s how it went:  ” You guys look good together … hold his hand (already) … It’s 2012!!!”  So, right there in deep Bed-Stuy – a place where we usually act ourselves only with caution – Greg and I reach for each other’s hand.  We get a cheer from behind and say to each other what a nice (and simple) note to start the new year on.

Maybe they were right, those ladies … maybe times are a’changin. It’s a tangent, but here’s a blog I wrote a couple weeks ago for the Astraea Lesbian Justice Foundation on Where men fit in multi-gendered work?

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