no strings attached

Posted on November 2, 2011


My bf Greg likes to call the NSA supermarket ‘no strings attached’ and I’ve somehow adopted that handle.  This morning I was getting some groceries there after the gym.  I only had $10 and realized that I had too many items for that amount.  I decided to put the coconut water back, but this guy who was standing at the counter chatting w/ the cashier said, ‘no, let me get that for you’.  I was like ‘wow’ … I actually voiced ‘no, that’s ok’ but neither he nor the cashier listened.  Rather than resisting further, I went with it.  Generosity… funny how surprising it can be!  Walking back to my apartment (just across the intersection) a woman asked me if I lived in ‘that building’ saying she’d never seen anybody come in or out … ‘is it nice?’ she asked.

Oh yeah, at the grocery, I picked up a flier for Organizing for Occupation, an initiative to end unjust evictions in Bed-Stuy, which is the group that helped Ms. Mary Ward.