ms dahlia’s closure … mixed messages

Posted on October 31, 2011


In a couple articles from the Bed-Stuy Patch and Grub Street dated August 2011, reasons for the closure of Ms Dahlia’s Cafe are recent robberies, landlord conflict of interest, and being priced out of the neighborhood; however the signs in the windows state that Ms D’s was closed by the health department.  An additional sign from management states that this had nothing to do with the food, but had to do w/ the city’s pest control system, which affected (or contaminated) the cafe’s basement.  Further, it states that they will be back open soon w/ the help and support of the landlord, which pulls one of the original claims of ‘conflict of interest’ back into the picture.  So, what’s up?  Could it be that the landlord (by not helping or neglecting to correct the basement issue) is trying to push Ms D’s out?  It is yet hard to know; but for sure, these are not unheard of tactics.