fruit stand at throop and fulton, pop-up store, etc

Posted on October 24, 2011


I love that the guy who runs the fruit stand on Throop and Fulton (right beside the stairwell for the C train across from McDonalds) is so friendly.  Also, I always here about pop-up stores in Manhattan and I’m here to attest that we also have them in Bed-Stuy.  For example there is a pop-up store for bed linens at the intersection of Putnam and Throop right beside what appears to be a party room for which I don’t currently have a better explanation. My guess is that the prices are comparable to the plethora of $.99 stores we have in the neighborhood, a topic that I will pick up in a later post.  The biggest news I have to share is that I saw the guy with the gold briefcase and helmet on the B43 bus on Saturday morning … I feel that we are now on the same trajectory and it is only a matter of time before we officially meet to discuss his sartorial splendor!