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Posted on October 11, 2011


A + A were my first house guests at Gates + Throop.  Two socially-minded lawyers from New Zealand and Colombia by way of Boston were in town for the New York Film Festival and stayed with me from Friday through Monday (Oct 7-10).  We had dinner together on Friday at Peaches HotHouse and breakfast the following morning; other than those encounters and a phone call on Sunday afternoon, all communication was by text or handwritten note:


Hi Todd getting on train in 5 mins


Be there shortly


[handwritten] A + A, I might stay @ Greg’s tonite… if so, I’ll see you in the morning sometime, Todd  – P.S. help yourself to food

Hey Todd we are at the ballet and heading home soon! We just realized we dont have your address or apt number to get back!!!




[handwritten] Dear Todd, We are meeting a friend for brunch and then off to walk around the city. We’ll be coming home rather late as our movie starts at 9pm. If you guys are still thinking about dancing we are definitely interested! Let’s stay in touch. A + A.

What time is your film over tonite? Once I know that, I’ll suggest a dance plan

Todd we are EXHAUSTED! its been a day of walking, dying of heat and experiencing sensory overloads. We dont think we have it in us to converse, let alone dance. Enjoy without us (if you can)!

All talk .. No play


[handwritten] We are heading out to get started with our last day of NY extravaganza. We tried to be silent as we knew you had been up until late. Otherwise we would have preferred to give you a proper hug and thank you for bearing with us! Come visit us sometime in Cambridge. Love, A & A.


A+A:  You were here for one of the best known film festivals in the world.  Gates + Throop is an hour away from the festival venue in Bed-Stuy with the C train and then a ten minute walk.  Can you say if you found staying in a neighborhood so far away useful?  Was it germane to the goal of your trip or mere happenstance of a friend living in a place in proximity to another place?  Was it different from what you read about Bed-Stuy on wikipedia?  Was there even time to tell?

Thanks for responding,


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